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Advanced High Performance Sealants

Fast Acting - Deep Penetrating - Long lasting

we make things last!

RockSteel: Maximum, State-of-the-Art Protection for Natural & Man-Made Stone, Tiles, Brick, Pavers, Concrete and Wood 
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Serveon's rockSteel sealant products are a revolutionary breakthrough in protecting, preserving and beautifying the many types of rock, wood and concrete based materials found in a wide variety of applications ranging from residential homes, commercial buildings, shopping centers, schools, hotels and many more. We are focused on having the best sealants on the market.  RockSteel sealant products prevent salt water erosion, chemical degeneration, staining around swimming pools, patios and indoor areas, beautify and protect landscaping stone, tile, grout, driveways, pavers, sidewalks, and patios and prevent water damage to wood decks and fencing.  And rockSteel sealers are user friendly – whether you are a DIY or a professional sealer, you will find our sealers incredibly fast acting often allowing traffic within 25 minutes

RockSteel's penetrating sealers represent state-of-the-art sealant technology and are different from commonly available silicone sealers.  Our specially engineered formulations penetrate deeper into porous materials and bond permanently both on the surface and inside each pore, crack and fissure and also deeper within the stone. This creates a deep, high performance barrier of protection within tiles, pavers, flagstone and other natural stone and cementous man made materials which not only protects against staining, but against saltwater erosion and pool chemicals. RockSteel's impregnating sealants are durable and long lasting standing up to cleaning chemicals, traffic, UV rays, and even commercial cleaning including light acid washing.

Check out our product line up; you will be glad you did.  

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